Issues Forum

The Issues Forum is a blogging web site open to CACOR members; and to non-members who have the same interests as CACOR. The objective is to provide a meeting place that promotes creative dialogue, discussion and debate on the issues central to CACOR and to the global condition.

Any subject that is of mutual interest or benefit is welcomed. For example: comment on current issues and Canadian responses; elements of the problematique; solutions; discussion of the efficacy of potential actions; and activities and references to documents and websites of potential interest.

In each discussion, both recent information and commentary on the issue are presented which can inform CACOR members and associates. CACOR encourage additional comment and debate and the addition of references of interest. The BLOG contains materials provided or referred to this site and represents the views of the authors and contributors. Articles and comments on this site are not intended to represent the views of CACOR – only to contribute to dialogue on this subject.