Where did CACOR come from and what are its purposes?

1. A founder of the Club of Rome speaks to the US Congress

The Club of Rome was co-founded, an Italian industrialist, and scientist. Here explains what the Club of Rome was and what it wasn’t.

2. History of CACOR

Dr. Whitehead, a Canadian and Honarary Member of the Club of Rome, was present at its founding and was instrumental in the founding of the Canadian association.

3. CACOR – Letters Patent

Several years after its founding, the participants decided CACOR should become incorporated and seek registration as a charity. The letters patent set out the purposes of the corporation. This is a scan of the original letters patent, signed by the corporation’s first directors.

4. CACOR Aims and Objects

5. By-laws

6.The doctoral thesis  is a thorough, very readable and quite informative history of the Club of Rome and the Canadian Association from their beginnings until the middle of the first decade of the current century.