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Board of Directors

The CACOR board of directors is elected annually and appoints its officers.

CACOR Board of Directors 2012-2013

Chair – Ted Manning
Vice Chair – Madeleine Aubrey
Treasurer – Philip Cockshutt
Secretary – Valerie Hume
Member – Fernande Faulkner
Member – John Hollins
Member – Sheila Murray
Member – Ian Whyte

Contact Information

Ted Manning, Chair –
Madeleine Aubrey, Vice Chair –
Phil Cockshutt, Treasurer –
Valerie Hume, Secretary –
Fernand Falkner, Member –
John Hollins, Member –
Sheila Murray, Member –
Ian Whyte, Member –


Edward Manning
Ted Manning is President of Tourisk Inc., an international consulting firm specializing in sustainable development planning for tourism destinations and World Heritage sites. He has more than 30 years experience as an environmental planner, geographer and tourism consultant in more than 50 countries. He was Director of Sustainable Development at Consulting and Audit Canada, Executive Manager Sustainable Tourism, at Tourism Canada, and held several planning posts with Environment Canada and CIDA. He is the lead consultant on sustainable tourism for the UN World Tourism Organization, and tourism advisor to the World Wildlife Fund and to UNIDO’s Africa coastal program. Dr. Manning is former President of the Canadian Association of Geographers, a Fellow and former Director of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and an Adjunct Research Professor in the Geography Department of Carleton. He is also a professional photographer. He has been a member of CACOR for more than 20 years and is particularly interested in how to get better science into the public and political decision process at all scales.

Madeleine Aubrey
Madeleine Aubrey is president of MADARTE Inc., an art education consulting firm specializing in the area art education curriculum, policy and assessment, evaluation of arts resources, curriculum development and in-service training. During her long career in art education she has been a visual arts specialist, an arts consultant, a professor at Ottawa University Faculty of Education, researcher and an education officer with the Ministry of Education of the province of Ontario. She has worked as a rapporteur for arts education consultations in Canada for the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and as an art consultant for several television art series for TVO. She is current co-chair of the National Roundtable for Teacher Education in the Arts. Madeleine has also had a long career in organizing events.

Philip Cockshutt – treasurer
Philip Cockshutt has been a CACOR member for about 15 years. During his lengthy career with the National Research Council, he established and directed the Division of Energy R & D which sponsored major work on renewable/alternative energy options for Canada under the Interdepartmental Panel on Energy R & D during 1974-84. After retirement form the NRC in 1990, he served as Executive Director of the Energy Council of Canada, whose members are involved in all forms of energy and provide Canada’s presence on the World Energy Council.

Valerie Hume – corporate secretary
Valerie Hume studied at Auckland University and at Edinburgh University. She lived for extended periods in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Switzerland before migrating to Canada in 1969. She was on the faculty of York University where she taught geography, principally urban geography and planning. She spent ayear at the National Defence College and subsequently worked at the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development with a focus on land programs, land use issues and northern sustainable development. She had appointments as an adjunct faculty member at Carleton University as a visiting professor for a term at the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean, and a secondment to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.
Her global interests are reflected in her membership of organizations that work within Canada and abroad. These include, among others, leadership roles in Zonta International, the Canadian Institute of International Affairs (now the Canadian International Council), and founding president of the Canadian Committee for UNIFEM. Involvement in Canadian organizations have included special advisor to the Arctic Children and Youth Foundation, and voluntary activities with the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, Ottawa Field-Naturalists and Red Cross.
Dr. Hume is a long-term member of CACOR and she is interested in how the status of women is related to sustainable development.

Fernande Faulkner

John Hollins
John Hollins, B.Sc., Ph.D., conducted research on the metabolism of radionuclides in mammals at the National Research Council of Canada and the Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique in France; he worked on the first federal policy and programs in renewable energy at Energy, Mines and Resources; he served as Director of the Energy Branch at Environment Canada, representing Canada at the OECD Group on Energy and the Environment and the International Energy Agency’s Programme of Energy Technology Systems Analysis.
He has been active in community affairs for 40 years: President of Blackburn Community Association, Chair of Gloucester Public Library Board, founding Chair of Gloucester Arts Board, Président des Chansonniers de Gloucester, and a Director of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, responsible for Symphony for Schools. He is currently Advisor and Web Master of the Ottawa Sustainability Fund, a philanthropic fund.

Sheila A. Murray
MPA, BNSc., Queen’s University; National Defence College, 1990-91. Director, CACOR, 2004-07; Vice-Chair, CACOR Board of Directors, 2006-07, committed to implementation of CACOR purpose and objectives. Chief Federal Negotiator for Aboriginal self-government with Upper Great Lakes Anishinaabe,1998-2007. Public service executive 1982-1993. Faculty member and Dean of Continuing Education, Algonquin College, 1974-81. Active volunteer, Board and Life member, Queen’s University, Queen’s Quarterly, Perley-Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre & Foundation, Ottawa YM-YWCA, The Children’s Village, among other organisations. Interests include: the biosphere, water as a public good, public administration, democracy in action, gardening, travel, music, art, literature. (Ms. Murray has also recently become a member of the Club of Rome.)

Ian Whyte
I hold an ecocentric world view developed during a lifetime of observation, study and contemplation of the natural world, and with the help of several influential people, especially David Orton and Ted Mosquin. My ecocentric view, that the Earth must be our first and primary concern, is followed by a strong secondary consideration that social justice must prevail among humans. The eight points of Deep Ecology and Rowe and Mosquin’s _Manifesto for Earth_ point me in a life affirming direction which, if the Earth is to survive in Her accustomed manner, we must all travel.
Along the way I have traveled extensively by canoe, hiked in many places and have been an active member of, and influenced by, groups such as the Green Party, the Canadian Parks And Wilderness Society and an internet discussion group called Left Bio.
I joined CACOR a few years ago, despite the odious Humanist statement then on the membership form, because of its reputation as an active group interested in sustainability issues. I have been gravely disappointed in my expectations.
I remain in CACOR because I have hope that the organization is now rejuvenating itself, and may yet become active in the struggle for the Earth.

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