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Where did CACOR come from and what are its purposes?

1. A founder of the Club of Rome speaks to the US Congress

The Club of Rome was co-founded by Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist, and Dr. Alexander King, a British scientist. Here Dr. King explains what the Club of Rome was and what it wasn’t.

2. History of CACOR by Dr. Whitehead

Dr. Whitehead, a Canadian and Honarary Member of the Club of Rome, was present at its founding and was instrumental in the founding of the Canadian association.

3. CACOR – Letters Patent

Several years after its founding, the participants decided CACOR should become incorporated and seek registration as a charity. The letters patent set out the purposes of the corporation. This is a scan of the original letters patent, signed by the corporation’s first directors.

4. CACOR Aims and Objects

5. By-laws

6.The doctoral thesis by Jason Lemoine Churchill is a thorough, very readable and quite informative history of the Club of Rome and the Canadian Association from their beginnings until the middle of the first decade of the current century.

CACOR today

Who is involved and what is happening?

1. Some current members

2. Recent and current activity

3. The Annual General Meeting 2011  

4. The Board of Directors

5. Committees

6. Club of Rome annual meeting 2009

7. Other organizations

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To make an on-line contribution to CACOR, or to pay your membership dues on-line, please follow this link to CanadaHelps, and complete the donation. Alternatively, please continue to mail cheques to the CACOR Treasurer, 120 Dorothea Drive, Ottawa, ON KIV 7C7,

Club of Rome website

Other National Associations for the Club of Rome

The European Support Centre newsfeed, below, carries some current news from national associations.