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The next guest speaker event will be a luncheon to be held at the Army Ottawa Officer’s Mess located at 149 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, starting at 11:30 am on 15 April 2015. The guest speaker will be Katie Gibbs, who is a recovering scientist and emerging evidence-based policy wonk; she was one of the lead organizers of the “Death of Evidence” rally in Ottawa in 2012. Her presentation will give an overview of how government in Canada has increasingly reduced reliance on science to inform policy, and the role science should use in a democracy. Visitors are welcome. Cost for the luncheon for members is $20 and for non-members is $25

Member-sponsored events

Furthering the Association’s purposes through events or other initiatives is a core activity of the Association and incumbent on members by by-law. (Persons applying to be admitted to membership must be interested in furthering the purposes of the Association.)
Such member initiatives are taken in the name of the persons or persons involved, as CACOR members, not in the name of the Association itself and are coordinated, as needed, with the Program Committee to avoid confusion of dates or bookings.


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CACOR does not sanction the following events: they are posted simply for the interest of members and others. Suggestions from CACOR members of events for inclusion in the list are welcomed.  Events are in the Ottawa area unless otherwise noted.

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