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Project report on Economics and the Problematique
In the mid 1990′s, a group of CACOR members asked several prominent Canadian economists to consider the proposition that the emphasis placed on economic growth by the profession is inappropriate and how the next generation of economists might be persuaded to address the apparent conflict between the imperative of economic growth and sustainability. The responses to these questions were discussed and the report entitled Economics and the Problematique was the result of the deliberation.

Project report on The Challenge of Global Systems Modelling
What became known as the Global Modelling Project was a major preoccupation of CACOR for more than a decade. Inspired by the success of the Limits to Growth, an ad hoc group of CACOR members began meeting in 1993 to discuss the need for a new generation of global models. From this discussion emerged the blueprint for an ambitious modelling project, but by 2005, it became clear the challenges associated with launching and funding a new institution were insurmountable for CACOR. The document entitled The Challenge of Global Systems Modelling; A Report on the CACOR Global Modelling Project descxribes the project.

Recent Posts

Yves Bajard on the root causes of the problematique

Yves Bajard has sent us a challenging discussion paper which looks at some of the root causes of the Problematique and suggests solutions. Do our systems now buffer us from the reality? Who will lead… if they in fact do have a plausible solution? The paper raises real questions CACOR, COR and other concerned citizens might want to talk about and act together to address in a systematic manner.

Declaration by Canadians for Limits To Growth

This declaration developed by a group of current and past CACOR members is a call to Canadians to join us in acting to reverse humanity’s enormous demands on our planet. Such an effort calls for understanding, courage, empathy and cooperation and must necessarily be led by governments. If the nations of our planet do not act soon to greatly reduce our numbers and our consumption, nature will act to do it in its usual ways.

Declaration of Concern by Fred Thomson

Fred Thompson, well-known futurist, was motivated by concern for the multiple global issues critical to the survival of our civilization to propose a global manifesto. This “Declaration of Concern” lists the issues of primary concern with a summary of the Facts and then Action Required. Readers are encouraged to reproduce the Declaration freely with due credit for its source.

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