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CACOR actions and activities in Canada and beyond, will contribute to limiting, stabilizing and reversing human demands and practices which imperil the natural systems of the biosphere.
Les gestes et activites accomplis par CACOR au Canada et au-delà contribueront a limiter, stabiliser et renverser la demande et les pratiques de la population humaine qui mettent en peril les systemes naturels de la biosphere.

Our Brochures

These can be found at Édition française et/and English Edition

Next Monthly Guest Speaker Event

The next guest speaker event will be held on Wednesday 17 September 2014 starting st 11:00 a.m. at the Army Ottawa Officers’ Mess located at 149 Somerset Street West, Ottawa. The guest speaker at the luncheon will be David Hutton whose presentation will be on Whistleblowing in Canada and why this matters to the planet. The cost for the luncheon will be $25.00 general admission and $20.00 for members, their spouses and students.

Recent Additions to the Web Site

Environmental Performance Index (EPI)
The EPI, developed by Yale University and calculated annually by them for 178 countries, comprises a comprehensive list of issues – three (3) Environmental Health and seven (7) Ecosystem Vitality. The 2014 EPI report can be found here.
Globe Conference
Here is a link to the upcoming Global Conference in Vancouver in March. It has a number of interesting themes and speakers.
Stand Still for the Apocalypse
The attached blog piece by Chris Hedges summarizes a report, entitled “Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4 degree C Warmer World Must Be Avoided”, commissioned by the World Bank. The blog piece contains a link to the referred report.

Past Events


During the period 19-21 September 2013 CACOR hosted the Annual Meeting and Conference of the Club of Rome (CoR) and its 35 National Associations at the National Hotel in Ottawa. The theme for the Conference was Governance of the Commons for which the program agenda can be found at the conference web site at CoR 2013 AA and Conference

Monthly Guest Speaker

The presentation at the 19 February 2014 guest speaker event given by Dr. Alexandra Mallett of the School of Public Policy at Carleton University was entitled Making the Visions of Energy Reality in Canada: a ‘Pipe Dream’ or Actuality. The Power Point slides for this presentation can be found here.
The presentation at the 15 January 2014 luncheon event given by Andrew Van Iterson, Manager of the Green Budget Coalition, was titled A Unique Asset of Canada’s Environmental Community. The Power Point slides for this presentation can be found GBC
The presentation at the 12 June 2013 luncheon given by CACOR member David Dougherty was titled Musings on Things We Know. The Power Point slides and associated speaker’s notes racan be found at Musings


Our Blogging Facility

Visit CACOR’s Blogging Facility by clicking on the Issues Forum tab above

Major Event Reports

Presentation - Governance of the Commons – March 2013
Roberto Peccei, Vice President of the Club of Rome, at CACOR’s monthly guest speaker event gave an informative and powerful presentation with the title Governance of the Commons – the Role of the Club of Rome. The event was attended by over forty members, guests and the general public
New Economic Thinking Symposium – October 2011
The Ottawa Citizen Op-ed Article
Biographies of Symposium Presenters
Video of Dennis Meadows, principal author of Limits to Growth, delivering his opening remarks titled It’s Too Late for Sustainable Development
Video of Ian Johnson, Secretary General of the Club of Rome, delivering his keynote speech titled Uneconomic Growth: The Limits of Economics
Text for Ian Johnson’s keynote speech
Background Documents
Questions and Observations
Continental Dialogue

This gathering, hosted by Canada over three days in late May 2011, brought together five countries of the Western Hemisphere – Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and United States of America. Videos of conversations for three of the participants were recorded – these are:
From Mexico Gerado Gil Valdivia – President of the Mexican Association of the Club of Rome and member of the Club of Rome.
From Brazil Heitor Gurgulino de Souza – President of the Brazilian Association of the Club of Rome and Vice President of the Execxutive Committee of the Club of Rome.
From the United States of America Roberto Peccie – member of the Executive Committee of the Club of Rome and President of Fondazione Aurilio Peccei.

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